Unlock the mystery of enterprise content management systems

ECM is a suite of several related, fully integrated technologies that include Imaging, Business Process Automation, E-Forms, Records Management, Collaboration, Web Content Management, Full Text Indexing, Digital Asset Management, COLD and Document Management.

One Software for All Your Solutions

This integrated suite provides solutions to your business problems in individual department to across the entire organization.  Different departments and industries encounter different difficulties and ECM is the strategy, technology and tool to solve your business problems.

Solutions can be categorized as below:

  • Departmental Solutions
  • Industry Solutions
  • Other Solutions

ECM suite permits companies to automate strategic or costly business processes, streamline operations, reduce costs, increase productivity which all combine to positively affect bottom line profit.

Operational efficiencies allow companies to have real competitive advantages over other companies that rely on traditional methods of business management.

Benefits to Your Organization

Many companies often have multiple systems running to support their business operations. Users often have to enter the same set of data multiple times. It helps to improve the performance of all staffs by integrating all your systems. One single entry of your data into one system extends to the rest of your systems.
Documents, photos, diagrams, emails, videos and other contents that are involved in your business are automatically filed and indexed in an efficient and secure library. Content is delivered to you at the time you need it.
Ensure everyone is viewing the same version of documents and provide history to your older versions.
Approval process on your documents requires passing the documents from one location to another or sending documents via email. It is difficult to track and this operation often cannot be tracked. ECM helps you to manage and store your documents once they are entered into the system. It helps you to streamline your approval process in the system to avoid manual passing of documents and provide easy tracking of the documents to you.
Performance and efficiency of your staffs have been improved and hence more time is released from tedious tasks to perform higher value tasks. Follow up closer with customers’ requests and issues and provide better services as an organization.

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We provide solutions to transform your business process and information to allowing you to easily resolve your business challenges. With simple solutions, it frees your staffs from manual tasks, improves your business operations and streamlines your processes.

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